The author

Henry Haslam’s first book was The Moral Mind (

He brings a natural scientist’s approach to his writings. He obtained his PhD for a study of the rocks of Ben Nevis and spent his career working in the earth sciences. In retirement, he has been able to pursue his interests in the humanities: psychology, philosophy, politics and economics.

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Summary of career

1975–2000 British Geological Survey (formerly Institute of Geological Sciences)
1972–1975 Geological Survey of Malawi
1968–1972 Institute of Geological Sciences
1965–1967 Mineral Resources Division, Tanzania

Other writings

In addition to more than 50 papers and reports on geology and related topics, he has written articles on theology, politics and economics.

‘Disarmament – or peace’, Crossbow, October 1983, 11–12.

‘Employment and unemployment’, Economic Research Council Occasional Paper No. 43, 1985. 

‘Unemployment – the irony the critics don’t see’, Crossbow, Summer 1985, 18–19.

‘Inflation and unemployment’, Britain & Overseas, winter 1991, 29–30.

‘Inflation and unemployment’, Britain & Overseas, summer 1999, 21.

‘Inflation and unemployment – a further comment’, Britain & Overseas, autumn 1999, 25–26.

‘Different questions, different answers’, Theology, November/December 2005, 420–427.

Unpublished review of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. 


Lecture to the South Place Ethical Society in the Conway Hall, London on Sunday 6 February 2011, ‘Moral thinking: foundations, approaches and applications’

He has also written some light verse.